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January 17, 2014
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Coaster bus hijackers, cops face off in Calabar Mews
André Williams, STAR Writer

Residents of Calabar Mews were prevented from going to their homes as police conducted investigations at the entrance of the housing scheme following a shoot-out there yesterday. - Jermaine Barnaby

Residents of Calabar Mews, St Andrew, were frightened and cowered in fear yesterday after gunfire echoed in the complex.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that the housing complex became the scene of a shoot-out after men travelling in a white Coaster bus, being chased by the police, made a final stop at the location.

Reports are that the men hijacked the Coaster bus on the Hagley Park Road, and the police were alerted and a chase ensued.

An alleged witness said shots were fired from the bus as it sailed through Cassia Park. He said, "a from round a Cassia Park mi see dem a shoot after the police weh a trail dem. Mi can't believe a really ya so dem end up?"

A resident of the complex said: "A from minutes to 3 o'clock it happen. A long time mi nuh hear so much gunshots. Some of the people dem lock up and nuh waah come out, all who had kids to go pick up. Di police shoot one of dem weh say him come from Ochi. The other was trying to escape over the wall, but a police woman had him cornered."

Reports said the bus had a tracking device as a private security team was quickly on the scene.

Officers on the ground told our news team that both the St Andrew central and north police responded to the robbery. One of the investigating officers said the injured man was taken to hospital, while the other was detained. It was not ascertained if any firearms were recovered.

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