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January 18, 2014
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Bjorn Burke, Star Writer

The girlfriend of 28-year-old Demiche Hunter is very sad and in mourning following a dispute between herself and her former beau which resulted in him taking his own life by ingesting a lethal potion last Sunday.

Hunter, a farmer from Moneague, St Ann died at the St. Ann's Bay Hospital on January 12, two days after consuming an harmful substance.

Hunter and his 35-year-old partner reportedly had a dispute on January 10 over suspicions of infidelity. As a result, the deceased allegedly took his girlfriend's cell phone and refused to return it. Feeding his reservations, Hunter sought proof by searching her phone for evidence. The phone was eventually returned to her after she confronted him. Later on that day, Hunter reportedly sent his spouse a text message saying "I love you, this is not goodbye". She said she thought nothing of it at the time. Upon receipt of a 'please call me' message from him a short while later, Hunter's girlfriend reportedly called him.

poor decision

It is believed that he said to her "He is going to sleep, and hope he doesn't wake up." She believes these messages were merely an attempt to get her attention. It was not until later, she explained, that she was informed via a phone call of what he had done.

"We had an argument; I told him it was over," she said.

Irrespective of their disagreement, Hunter's girlfriend still maintains that he was a good person who made a poor decision in the heat of the moment.

During a visit to the hospital on January 11, she said she asked him whether he intended to harm himself. Hunter reportedly explained to his spouse that he did in fact plan to hurt himself to capture her attention, but he didn't intend to take his own life.

In an attempt to dispel rumours of culpability circulating in and around the community, Hunter's girlfriend told THE STAR that she wants to set the record straight. Reports are that Hunter constantly spoke about plans that he would like to follow through on in the near future while in hospital. Additionally, she said that he had given her a message for his mother requesting that she pick up a new passport belonging to him that he was expecting.

The Moneague police reported that the circumstances surrounding Hunter's death appears to be a suicide. They are awaiting the post-mortem for confirmation.

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