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January 20, 2014
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Xyclone's 'Back Pocket Rag' mashing up the place


Not many deejays will admit that they have a BSc in finance, but Red Square recording artiste Xyclone, is not your average dancehall rhyme-spitter.

An intelligent, focused young man, he has been able to carve out a reputation for some of sickest rhymes and verses in dancehall over the past year.

Just listen to a few bars of his breakout hit, Back Pocket Rag, and you will be immediately impressed by sharp wit and brash confidence.

"The response so far has been phenomenal, ah one of the biggest songs in dancehall for 2013. I made the riddim, and I was at home ah listen to the riddim, and mi start deejay a Buju Banton, New Year, New Style, because ah the same kinda tempo, and ah de so the song was born," he said.

Released in September 2013, Back Pocket Rag has become one of the most heavily rotated singles on FM radio.

"ZJ Sparks drop it first, exclusive, and it surprised even me, and ZJ Dymond, Smurf link me and go the hardest two to three months on the radio. It got the proper radio play. given the feedback, we had to do the video, and the response has been great - 50,000 views on Facebook, and 20,000 plays on YouTube," Xyclone said. "The video did well, a TV station ah France say it finished the year at No.11 on their dancehall countdown. Ah the biggest song of mi career so far."

Born Roje Roman Robinson on November 2, 1987, Xyclone grew up in Waterford, St Catherine. Xyclone got his big break when he was introduced to the world by his mentor, Spragga Benz, at a show in Hartford, Connecticut, in the US. From there, Xyclone proceeded to tour the US as a member of Spragga Benz's label, Red Square Productions, doing shows in several states.

He has continued to thrill onstage. He performed alongside Deva Bratt on December 22 at the Robinson Ballroom in Philadelphia.

"Mi drop the Back Pocket Rag and the place lift up, four corner forward, the video on the Internet, the fans ah feel the song," he said.

Xyclone has done a follow-up called Wo, which he hopes will enjoy the same level of popularity.

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