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January 22, 2014
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Strange blood found on babies - Weird discovery shocks mom

Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

A struggling mother of five is seeking some assistance after waking up on more than one occasion to find her twin babies covered in blood without knowledge of its origin.

Thirty-two-year-old Vicky Forrest is seeking help to arrive at a possible reason or cause as to why her 17-month-old girls are constantly waking up with bloodstains all over their bodies and clothing.

According to Forrest, the first encounter was in the early part of 2013, while the latter happened last Thursday.

She explained, "Seven a we live in one room. Me sleep pan di bed with three children, and my babyfather sleep on the floor with the twins. One night last year, one of the twins start cry and mi wake up and feed her. She still a cry so mi turn on the light only fi see everybody blood up, all me blood up and mi never did a sleep on the floor."

She continued, "Last Thursday, now we deh deh again and the other twin start cry. Mi wake up and start to feed her but she still a cry and when mi turn on the light, mi see more blood but this time blood was only on the two babies."

Forrest told THE STAR that she took the child and started to wipe her off while looking for any possible cut.

She said, "My babyfather has his own interpretation that something is troubling the kids, but we don't know for sure ... we need help ... we nuh have the money ... He is a very good mechanic, but he is not certified so work hard to come by."

Our news team gathered however, that out of fear of the unknown, the twins were taken to the doctor.

"When we go doctor dem tell mi say dem see a little cut on her finger and say a rat bite her causing her to bleed, but that not possible to the little scrape and the amount of blood," said Forrest.

Admittedly she said, "Mi nah lie. We have rats big ones, little ones and medium all different size but mi nuh think a rats a just something bout that yard deh weh we live ina."

The room, which is located on Paisley Road in Kingston, is in a poor condition.

Forrest told THE STAR, "The room a rotten down not even nail dem can drive in it. It can't even hold two bed good."

Another pressing issue for Forrest was of her eldest child, now 14, who she says is in need of her own privacy.

She said, "The others are boys,10 and 5 years old, dem still a grow, but mi oldest daughter need her privacy in her teenage years ..."

Forrest says that she is not sharing her and her babyfather's responsibility, however, they are desperate for help.

In her plea, she told THE STAR, "Please, I would like anybody ... somebody who can help us in any way they can to help out of the goodness of their heart ... we are good people ... if is even a job for me or my babyfather, he is really good at what he does."

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