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January 23, 2014
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Mob-beating video angers viewers

A tape showing a man being badly beaten for allegedly stealing a bicycle has angered some viewers about the amount of force used to mete out justice by the mob.

The video titled, 'Don't Thief in Jamaica, Likkle Youth Get Beaten by Everybody for Stealing a Bike' has received close to 3,000 views and hundreds of shares, after it was uploaded online earlier this week.

In the beginning of the more than three minutes long video, the man could be seen attempting to escape from the grasp of the mob in a plaza located in Portmore, St Catherine, but was accosted and had blows rained on him.

"Put on more pan him ..." an onlooker encouraged as a man entered the melee and began hitting the unharmed man with what appeared to be a metal pole, while two others joined in and began kicking and hitting him.

A woman in the background could be heard pleading for the man's safety. "Mek him gwaan! Mek him gwaan!" she begged.

The visibly terrified man could be seen attempting to explain himself, which fell on deaf ears to some, who kept swinging blows on him despite his being on the ground on bended knees.

He told the apparent owner of the bicycle that it was not his intention to steal the bicycle, but instead he was forced.

"Di man dem force me! Dem force me!" he tried to explain to the irate man, who was armed with what appeared to be a piece of board.

The video concluded abruptly, with the bicycle owner hauling the alleged thief by his trousers waist to an undeclared destination.

Viewers of the video, however, were most displeased with the manner in which the men dealt with the alleged thief.

"You are not a judge, nor witness, nor jury, all these people should be charged with assault," a viewer commented

Another stated, "give him couple box and kick, but they don't have to deal with him like they want to kill him, remember he is a human being, not some animal."

Others felt that the men had the right to exercise jungle justice.

Another added, "Him lucky mi neva deh deh fi gi him three! Dem yute rob yuh and stab yuh!"

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