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January 23, 2014
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After man commits suicide ... Family upset with girlfriend's claims
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Demische Hunter - File

The family of deceased 28-year-old Demische Hunter, who committed suicide recently, is unhappy with several claims made by his girlfriend who approached THE STAR to give her side of the story last week.

Savina Adams, Hunter's aunt who lives overseas, said that her nephew and his girlfriend of only three months indeed had disagreements leading up to the tragic incident. However, she says that there are several details that she neglected to state.

Adams said that based on Hunter's accounts of several happenings between him and his girlfriend over the last few weeks of his life, she believes there was a combination of driving factors influencing his decision to ingest the poisonous substance.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that several rumours have been circulating in the community in Moneague, St Ann, about Hunter's girlfriend, as well as in speculation as to why Hunter took his own life.

In response to being asked if the family maintains contact with Hunter's girlfriend, Adams stated "We have no relationship with her, we don't know her."

Hunter's aunt also took issue with the way in which his girlfriend handled the situation on the day in question. Adams says that her nephew had informed his girlfriend that he had taken a dose of the herbicide gramoxone. She said it was not until two hours later that his girlfriend called Hunter's house and asked if he was home, and said nothing to his uncle about his attempted suicide.

Adams believes that Hunter's girlfriend was hasty to clear her name via the media because she is being held liable by people in the district. She says that rumours are going around in the community about her which she is desperately trying to dispel.

"The reason she came to you is because the people in the community are giving her hell. They know Demische and they love Demische," she said.

As she reflected on the past, Adams says that Hunter was like a brother to her rather than nephew.

"We all grew up as siblings, he is a brother ... all of us grew up in the church," she said.


Adams said that the family awaits the post-mortem report.

Hunter's father, Byron, also insists that things are not what they appear to be, based on the accounts given by his son's girlfriend. He said that he finds it suspicious that his son's girlfriend reached out to the media to paint the picture that she did.

He also believes there are additional underlying reasons for his son's suicide. He said his son would never commit suicide for a woman he was only seeing for three months, as he was a ladies' man.

"If you talk to any of his friends ... this man, you would call him a gallis," he explained.

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