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January 24, 2014
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Hefla Nyah makes strides with 'Hungry'

Hefla Nyah - Contributed

Reggae artiste Hefla Nyah whose latest single Hungry, looks set to be one of the biggest hits for 2014, is very busy these days.

During a promotional blitz which took place during the recent holiday season, Hefla Nyah did a number performances. Some of the events he graced were Ghetto Splash, Blue Essence Live, Building Shashamane, Rasta Man Vibration and Noddy and Friends.

His thought-provoking single called Hungry was recently voted International Song of the Year on Roots FM's 'What's the Verdict.' The song also won rave reviews on FAME FM's 'Full House Friday' and Roderick Howell's 'Pump It or Dump It' on HITZ 92 FM.

It was also featured on Shots to Watch on Denise 'Ises' Miller's 'Rootsology' radio show and is getting strong airplay on radio stations across the island.

The video for the song is one of the most requested and enjoys top rotation on CVM Plus and Hype TV.

"The video is doing well, it's getting a lot of support, and the people really love it," Hefla Nyah said in a release to the media. He is booked for several upcoming events, most notably The Peter Tosh tribute to be staged in Westmoreland.

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