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January 24, 2014
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Mayor videotaped ranting Jamaican expletives
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Mayor of Toronto, Canada, Robert 'Rob' Ford, has been implicated in a video displaying him presumably under the influence speaking what appears to Jamaican patios recently.

Ford was videotaped at a fast-food restaurant in Toronto in a peculiar rant using several Jamaican expletives.

The video, which has been posted to popular video-sharing website YouTube, has received several comments that are questioning the 'gibberish' he was speaking.

One commenter stated that he "Could be speaking in tongues or demonic possession, crack, meth, maybe a minor stroke. Maybe it's chromosomal, maybe he's just keepin' it rill, but it's definitely something on top of the drunk".

The mayor could be seen relating what appears to be a story to others in Jamaican patois as he was recorded by an unknown source.

A follow-up video via Canadian media featured the nonchalant mayor stating that he was simply in the company of friends relating a story.

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