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January 25, 2014
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Security guard confiscates phone, demands cash for return

André Williams, STAR Writer

An irate guardian has questioned the responsibility of school security guards, alleging blackmail, after a student returned home without his cellular phone which was confiscated during lunchtime.

Information is that the grade- seven student, 13-year-old, relies heavily on his cellular phone to communicate with his transportation from Old Harbour to school. He was allegedly told by the guard that he should fork out $500 to have his phone returned.

The teen, who attends a high school in St Catherine, was reportedly having lunch when the phone was confiscated by one of the school's security guards.

The guardian spoke to THE STAR on condition of anonymity.

"I want to know if the school hire security guards to take phones away from students ... ."

The guardian said no report has been made to the school as he is contemplating taking up his grouse with authorities at the education ministry.

"A cell phone is very important. I use it to communicate with him every day to find out where he is, and if him soon reach home and stuff like that," the guardian told THE STAR.

Another student at the school said security guards usually threaten to take away phones.

A grade-nine student said, "di guardy dem nuh fi tek weh phones... dem talk all di while say if dem tek the phone dem either ago carry it in to admin or we afi pay fi get it back"

A representative from the school's administrative office said the person authorised to speak to the media had already left for the day.

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