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January 25, 2014
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Hellshire residents grateful for needed police station

Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

The community of Hellshire in Portmore is set to get a new police station just in time as crime in the parish appears to be on the rise.

Minister of National Security Peter Bunting said that the government is in negotiations with the Urban Development Corporation for a building in order to get construction under way.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Rose confirmed that "there is a building that has been retrofitted to be used as a police station".

Hellshire resident, Fitzroy McKenzie, said he was elated to have the police station erected in his community.

"Yeah, man! there is a need for it because there are a lot of house break-ins A man broke into my brother's house last year because the road is lonely," McKenzie said.

He said that the closest police station to the community was the Portmore Police Station, more popularly known as "100 Man", station located on Braeton Parkway in the municipality. McKenzie shared that the station in Greater Portmore was insufficient to serve the entire municipality as the streets in Hellshire were lonely, especially in the daytime when residents are at work, and go mostly unpatrolled by the police.

Another resident, David Martin, said that while he didn't believe crime was rampant in the area, he welcomed the police station.

"I have to admit that crime isn't really an issue in the general area. However, whenever there is such an occurrence, the closest police station is the Portmore Police Station, which means that response time may be delayed based on the nature of the crimes in Hellshire and the fact that there are other crime-prone areas that the 100 Man station police are dispatched to. For this purpose, I would agree with a Hellshire division as this will further keep crime at bay and officers will be available to assist other divisions," Martin remarked.

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