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January 27, 2014
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Man charged for presenting bogus driver's licence

Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

A man who owns a driver's licence but could not read, stood defenceless in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate Court recently.

He is Zebbion Thompson, who appeared in the court on a number of charges. The charges include conspiracy to defraud, possession of forged documents, uttering forged documents, no driver's licence, no insurance coverage, no PPV badge, and obstructing traffic.

The Crown alleges that Thompson, who was checked by the police during a routine traffic stop, produced a bogus driver's licence. It was further alleged that he was unable to produce a valid certificate of insurance. He was detained and later charged.

The defendant alleges that he went to the King Street collectorate and paid a man $6,000 and went to take the photograph for the licence thereafter.

"Them shouldn't bother give you no licence, them shoulda give you a certificate for driving! You cannot apply for a valid driver's licence unless you go there with valid learners. Which book you study out of for yu licence?" Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked.

Thompson was stumped on the details of the proper procedure to procure a valid driver's licence. Subsequently, RM Pusey asked if he was able to read. One could hear a pin drop in the courtroom as everyone waited in anticipation as RM Pusey requested that Thompson read a paragraph she prescribed.

The man struggled to read as he mumbled a few words under his breath in the now silent courtroom. After several minutes, the man said nothing as he stared at the paper.

"I can't read it, Your Honour," Thompson said.

"Who do the test for you? Yu see how dangerous it is my friend to buy yu licence? And when me coming down in my struggle bus and yu lick me and yu run gone. I can fine you up to a million dollars for the charges!" Pusey lectured.

Thompson was sentenced to $50,000 for conspiracy to defraud, $150,000 for possession of forged documents, and $100,000 for uttering forged documents. His bail was extended for him to attend traffic court on March 19 to answer to the other charges.

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