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January 30, 2014
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Mello Vibes grows in size

Mello Vibes Party, held at Mas Camp, Stadium North on Saturday night January 25. - Winston Sill photos

Mello Vibes, hosted at The New Mas Camp, grew in size last weekend as thousands of patrons turned out for the retro experience.

The STAR arrived at the venue at 11 p.m., and even though it was relatively early, the National Stadium's huge car park was already packed to capacity, and patrons just arriving had to be directed to reserved parking locations outside of the stadium grounds.

DJ Marvin was on the turntables and he and his partner had the audience in a frenzy with selections like Michael Jackson's Billy Jean and Beat It.

The DJ later switched up the juggling to play local music, in the process, paying homage to '90s stalwart Tiger. During this set, the audience cheered for singles like No Wanga Gut and Bam Bam.

At 12:30 a.m., it was time to cater for the females, as the DJ made sure to pull for songs that guaranteed their participation. Singles like Set My Heart on Fire by Evans and Fisher and Hot Stuff by Donna Summer, had the females inside Mas Camp chanting in unison.

There were noticeably four females on-stage dressed for the occasion. They were clad in bell-bottom pants and afro hairstyles. As if pulling energy from the DJ who played closely behind them, the females danced for the entire night, only stopping when the DJ decided to talk over the microphone.

At 2 a.m., patrons showed no intent of leaving the venue and the DJ kept the vibe going by whipping up some soca selections. When patrons weren't skipping around the venue in a soca train, they were jumping and waving their rags or gyrating while the DJ cheered them on. Songs like Tiney Winey by Byron Lee and The Dragonaires, Good Buddy by Fab 5 and Follow the Leader by The Soca Boys were obvious crowd favourites.

Following that segment, they went for dancehall selections, which encouraged companionship among partners.

Mello Vibes was sponsored by Stones Ginger Wine, Coca Cola, Schweppes, Trojan Condoms and Wata.


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