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January 31, 2014
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Freaky man masturbates on shoppers - Female left crying in store
André Williams, STAR Writer

Two women were given an unforgettably horrible shopping experience in downtown Kingston last weekend, after a man ejaculated on them in a grocery store, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

Information reaching our news desk is that one of the unsuspecting women was moved to tears, while the other was grateful for the discovery before she reached home.

The popular grocery store was a chaotic scene when allegations of the incident were made. This forced the proprietors to review the store's closed-circuit television, where the frightening incident was observed. An unknown man twice entered the store, and while among the busy gathering, unbelievably masturbated on the two female shoppers.

Head of the Kingston Central Police Division, Superintendent Victor Hamilton, said he was not aware of the incident. "I will definitely send people out there to investigate," he assured.

unsuspecting women

A store representative, however, confirmed the gross act. "They go in the wholesale when it crowded and apparently masturbate behind the woman dem. They release the cum on the unsuspecting women.

The wholesale is so pack that dem nuh realise, because nuff people jus a rub up on them."

The representative further said: "We had two attacks Saturday gone, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The lady in the morning cried bad, bad, but the one in the evening said she was glad she saw it while she was out on the road because if she had reached home she couldn't tell her man anuh man yard she a come from."

The representative said that they were unable to identify the accused as he left quickly after finishing the act.

When asked if a report was made to the police, the representative said: "No report was made from us, and I don't think the women reported the matter either. We are not sure if the police are aware because I suspect that he does it elsewhere too."

One witness shared what she observed. "Is my store dat, mi shop there every weekend. If mi nuh go Friday, mi go Saturday. Mi deh deh and a woman start bawl when somebody show har say she mess up ... when she realise a wah, she start bawl," she revealed.

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