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February 4, 2014
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Bishop tells Tommy Lee sorry
André Williams, STAR Writer

Tommy Lee Sparta on the weekend performed in the British Virgin Islands despite well-publicised threats of a protest by an influential bishop who did not want the artiste spreading demonic worship.

THE STAR understands that the entertainer, born Leroy Russell, had been under pressure from some members of the Christian community in the British Virgin Islands.

According to www.bvinews.com, Tommy Lee, who refers to himself as 'Uncle Demon', headlined the stage show that eventually took place despite the threat of protest by influential bishop John Cline.

Bishop Cline, in an interview, had stated that he did not want the artiste to perform in the territory because his lyrics promoted demons.


Reports are that the concert took place on Saturday at the Festival Village on Tortola, however, the promoter, Gabriel James, had to meet with the bishop to alleviate his concerns.

The promoter was quoted as saying, "We had a little problem with the pastor (Bishop John Cline), but me and the pastor did talk and he said he apologised."

The pastor is quoted as also saying that he met with the promoter. "The impression I got from him (the promoter) is that he is trying to promote music ... . That's the business he is in. He is not too focused on the lyrics of the artiste and what the artiste subscribes to. He said he is not in support of any demonic or satanic stuff. He believes the popularity of the artiste and some of the good things would override all the bad stuff," he said.

THE STAR gathered that the Cline took to the Internet for some of Tommy Lee Sparta's work which made him reconsider.

"I went on the Internet and I pulled up some of his stuff. I did see some of the good and I did see some of the bad," said Cline.

When THE STAR contacted Tommy Lee Sparta yesterday he said, "The pastor himself apologised after him listen mi tune them. To how the pastor hear about me and the impression him get, when mi forward, him realise is nothing like that. Respect goes out to him to investigate the matter and not only listen to what people saying. By him listening, him discover say we not promoting no devil worshiping. Mi no vex with them about it. The pastor is a good priest."

Tommy Lee Sparta continued, "Mi enjoy Tortula, mi second time there now. It's my first overseas performance since mi accident. The people love the show mi give them. Even though I was on a chair, me mash it down. Voice did well mellow so the sounds was good, vibe strong. I didn't even want to leave the stage. This weekend is the Road Flex in Montego Bay plus we launching Sparta Saturdays on the Hipstrip at Donway Entertainment Complex."

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