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February 4, 2014
Star Tell Me Pastor


No consent age for sex in the bible

Dear Pastor,

Some people are saying that sex is not for children, but the Bible does not give an age for children to start having sex. The age of consent was set by the Government and people of the country.

Children ought not to conduct themselves in a manner that is not acceptable to society. But sex is natural and all of you adults need to look into yourselves because you guys were once children and had sex as children. Don't blame all of what is happening on us. We are just enjoying what this world has to offer.


Dear C,

I hear you. What you are saying is that most adults are hypocrites and take delight in condemning children who are engaging in sex. You are disturbed because you believe that children ought not to be condemned because adults who are saying negatives things about children did the same thing when they were growing up.

Well, certainly not all adults engaged in immoral behaviours when they were children. But even if they did, they have come to realise that what they did was wrong and they want to warn young people and give them proper guidance.

You have declared that what you as children are doing is just having fun but remember that there are some fun that are not wholesome and can lead you into deep trouble. If you insist that you must have sex, please do not have unprotected sex. And if you are under the age of consent, please abstain from sex.


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