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February 6, 2014
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Dutty wicked husband

Big up mi Tambourine fambily an all a mi Mixup massive. An bless up to all a mi Ragashanti live listeners ova www.tambourineradio.com. Big up unu slap weh self! Mi deh ya a hol it a Obama Lan an a bare mix-up up ya. Soh run een pin di mix-up preementz ya now.

Hustla Ginal

Raga, about 10 years ago mi did deh wid a older woman bout 10 yrs older than mi. She is the niece of a former don from Jamaica. Anyway, as a 25-year-old at the time, mi did glad mi did get a big woman. Di sort out and everything did proper. Mi did love the woman enuh. Mi all buy car gi di woman and the woman play mi. She used to call mi like every hour fi ask mi weh mi deh and tell mi she love mi. So one day mi tell her mi dah a work when mi did dah a her gate. Mi go in an ring her door bell and she come a di door. When she si seh a mi she get mad and start cuss say mi nah pay her rent so weh mi a ring her flipping bell fah?!! Di gyal all call mi mother and tell mom say mi say mi ago kill her, and dat she a go call the police. So mi mom call mi and tell mi fi leave the gyal door. So mi leave and go run some cab.

While me out deh a hustle, a man pull up inna the car weh mi did buy gi her. The man come hustle too. So mi ask him weh him a do a drive deh car deh and him say a him woman car. Raga mi seh mi feel sick right a way! So mi ask him weh him gyal name? Him call my gyal name and say "yow mi know everything bout you enu, nuh you come a her house earlier come ring the door bell? Mi say yes. Di man say a him did inna the house and she tell him fi go through the window and him say him nah go so the only way she could get rid a mi was fi cuss mi the way she did. The man say him spend three nights a week there and mi spend four. Mi couldn't even war him, mi just shake him hand and tell him say she a fi him problem now caz mi done!

Mi live fi see she call mi fi come help her when the boy tek a gun and box her wid it. Raga, you know say mi go help the gyal? But mi older and wiser now.

Weh yuh goh help har fa? Afta all weh she do yuh? It shouldn't matta to yuh if di man waan bax har dung wid him gun. Yuh coulda end up inna prekeh an all get shot. Dat deh gyal deh a tief, an ginal. A real hustla dat. She violate wicked wen she tek yuh money an goh buy car fi a nex man. It look like yuh did young an frighten fi juju. It look like di sort out did buss up inna yuh head. But, as yuh say, yuh older an wiser now. An mi naa goh play hypocrite an judge yuh, cause wen mi did younger a several times mi did haffi run tru back door, goh tru winda, an jump fence wen mi did shell dung di man dem woman dem. Jus mek sure yuh nuh repeat dem mistakes deh.

Dutty Wicked Husband

Hi Raga, I have a friend, she met this Indian guy, they got married and she help him with his papers. They had been living together for seven years when he told her his sister is coming from India. She went out got warm clothes for the sister.

Raga, the girl finally came and stayed at their house. One day she came home from work early to find her husband and the woman in her bed. It so happened that the so-called sister was her husband's wife in India.

When she do get the full hundred the man have the wife and kids. Shortly after, the man left with the Indian wife. My friend got rid of everything the woman ever touched. Today when I look at her she lost! Raga, she need to get psychologically evaluated because she not playing wit a full deck of cards.

Poor ting. Har head gaan.

Hear mi, while mi commend di man fi nuh goh a farin an figet him wife an pickney dem, him still goh luu wid weh him do to yuh fren who married him. Him wicked!

DOING WICKEDNISS TO SOMEONE IN ORDER TO DO GOOD TO ANOTHER IS STILL DOWNRIGHT EVIL!! Jus imagine, dis man mek yuh fren fall in love wid him. Den she married him so him can get him papers an stay in the US, then she invested seven years wid him. Den him wicked enuff fi bring him so-called sista inna di house wid him wife, an mek him wife all a tek care a har an a buy clothes fi har an probably all a cook fi har an dem tings deh. Only to find out say di so-called sista a him wife fi years now, an also the mother of his children - pickney weh she neva even know him have! Wickedniss!!

A piece a retribution gwine tek him, yuh see!! All him wife wicked too bout she inna di woman house a live big life an a deceive har.

Di man betta pray da woman deh nuh get wicked pon him, cause if she decide fi tell immigration weh him do, den him cawna dawk!!

Anyways, cutmentz ya now. Sen mi unu mix-ups dem at tambourineradio@gmail.com. Road mi say!

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