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February 6, 2014
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Male students beat girl at school - Video of incident posted online
Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Two high-school boys are to know their fate today after they were caught on tape attacking their female classmate in the chemistry lab of a popular high school in St Andrew recently.

In a minute-long video clip that has gone viral, the students could be seen exchanging blows with books, fists and a stool.

The video begins with a male and female student engaged in a heated argument, which resulted in blows being exchanged with notebooks and the male student proceeding to grab the female student by the neck toppling her.

She retaliated and the boy attempted to hit her with a stool as she made her escape by standing on one of the desks located in the chemistry lab.

But what shocked students and viewers of the video was when a second male student, armed with a metal chair, forcibly pushed the unsuspecting girl off the table, flooring her.

It was at this point, the already frenzied students who gathered as spectators could be seen scurrying around the classroom after the girl took a lengthy time to recover from the blow.

Towards the latter part of the brawl, a woman who appeared to be a teacher, could be seen trying to restore order in the classroom.

Her efforts were ignored by the students, some of whom attempted to remove one of the boys, armed with a stool, who still appeared intent on hitting the girl while she was still on the ground.

The actions of the boys have earned them the ire of viewers on social networking sites where the video is currently being circulated.

"All if di girl did wrong, (nuh know di story) so much man fi beat up one girl?" an irate viewer commented.

Another stated, "nothing she cudda do woulda mek har deserve dat. Boy did outta line, no man fi lick gyal."

While another viewer added, "those boys need to be put in a boot camp and be dealt with by military personnel, they could have killed that girl!"

The school principal told THE STAR that despite the blows the girl received, she is fine and still attending classes.

The boys involved, however, are currently on suspension and a meeting with their parents is scheduled for today to determine their status at the school.

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