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February 7, 2014
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Twins demand that Mavado pay respect... Claim their concepts are used in his songs, but no credit given

Twin of Twins


Dancehall duo Twin of Twins have released a statement accusing fellow dancehall act Mavado of using their material without giving them props.

The Twins also said the We The Best/Young Money Records artiste is disloyal and needs to make amends with his former friends Flexx and Kibaki in order to reclaim his dominance in dancehall.

Twin of Twins claim that Mavado has been making songs borrowing concepts from their Stir It Up series without giving them any credit for conceptualising the ideas.

"Mavado always a plagiarise and a pirate Twin of Twins material and doesn't give any kind of respect, but him deh behind close doors a slander wi and a deal wid wi wicked. I am saying how is it worthy to use our material, but not worthy to acknowledge wi," Twin of Twins said.

The duo is of the view that Mavado's single Dem Alone was inspired by their line in Stir It Up Volume 6, which specifically said, "Nuff a dem nuh like wi but a dem lonely because a dem alone''. The line was used as a part of their Bogle tribute impersonation material following his tragic death in 2005.

They also singled out Mavado's 'not on my team' catch phrase on his single House Cleaning among others, which they claimed were inspired by their work.

The duo also made it clear that they don't have a personal issue with Mavado. They also expressed disappointment in the artiste for making disparaging comments about Bounty Killer and alienating Flex and Kibaki since achieving international success.

"Him sey money nuh change him but that is far from the truth. A Bob Marley sey it best, nobody nuh really change, it just tek money fi yu really see a who dem because deh bredda deh worse dan a cambio when it come to change ... A Flexx and dem man deh a carry dem from nothing."

"Kibaki dem carry him through the worse of time and dem man deh lock the door as dem feel like sey dem reach the top. Yu cyah live suh, yu a deal wid Killer wicked and a the clout wey Killer put pon yu name make yu who yu are today, and mi nuh fraid fi tell yu dat youth ... yu switch," Twin of Twins said.

The duo also told THE WEEKEND STAR that other artistes have used their ideas and are just as inconsiderate as Mavado. They also disclosed that since releasing the statement about their issue, they haven't heard from Mavado personally, but were told that he has been making more disparaging comments.

"This is not only about Mavado. It's about all these people we do so much for, either by directly helping their careers by including them in our material or by just being the creator of the material they pirate to keep themselves going. Then these same people find it hard to acknowledge us for it and can even turn around and hate us to the point where they refuse to work the same shows with us, deliberately stopping our income when we do so much to add to theirs."

They are currently in the United States where they are negotiating a deal with MTV for an upcoming project. They are also promoting a new social commentary dancehall single called Tessanne Tell Dem.

"We nah look nuh hype off a Mavado, wi career hot enough. Wi just a seh nuh man nuh fi deh behind closed doors a fight di ting den waan used wi style, wah can guh suh? Dah year yah name128# send on mi credit," the duo told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Attempts to get a comment from Mavado's camp proved futile, as emails sent to the artiste's manager went unanswered.


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