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February 10, 2014
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Police probe if ... One-legged 87-y-o man molested two girls

Police have arrested an 87-year-old one-legged man who is accused of sexually assaulting two young girls in a rural St Ann community.

The golden ager is accused of assaulting the children, ages seven and 12, in a house he shares with his sister, who acted as guardian for the girls when their parents went to work.

According to reports, the seven-year-old told a school official about what was happening and the principal notified the authorities. Police have since confirmed the elderly man's arrest.

A resident of the district told THE STAR that they were not surprised by the man's actions, stating that he was always suspected of committing the heinous act, "it's something that the community suspected him of doing for years now, but we didn't act on it."

Another irate resident added: "Everybody cut up about it, fi know seh is a big man and a member of the church! We wanted to beat him, but the police come and tek him weh."

The girls were removed from the home where the incident allegedly occurred and are currently staying with other residents.

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