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February 11, 2014
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Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

- Colin Hamilton photos

The 10 contestants of Castle Red took to the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Saturday to prove to the audience that they were deserving of the crown. However, only a few contestants really stood out.

Tocsiq, with a song called Bruk Pocket Man, got 'forwards', but her time on stage was spent trying to prevent her very short dress from riding up.

"I didn't enjoy your performance because I could hardly hear you. Plus, you were distracted by the length, or the lack thereof, of your dress. The song lacked a punchline. You need to wear clothes that you can enjoy yourself in," judge Miss Kitty told Tocsiq.

Anaicon tried to engage the audience, but was off-key for the majority of his performance. Guest judge Teflon, however, praised his lyrics. "Him need more clarity and the rhythm was too fast, but you bad, you have lyrics," Teflon said.

One of the standouts for the night was Stay Suh. With her catchy punchline of A Nuh False Hair Mek Mi Look Good, she had the entire D'Entrance audience singing along.

"You touched on a good topic, because as a man, sometime we hug up some woman and the scent a di woman hair nuh right. You need to watch your breath control but other than that, I liked it," Skatta said. Professor Nuts agreed: "The way you use up the stage, you make everyting look good. It was a lovely performance."

Pedro Don earned the respect and admiration of the judges. Kizzy B followed. "You need a little bit more melody. You also need a hook fi ketch the people dem. But you bad, the song bad," Teflon said.

Hydal earned a few forwards for his Hustler's Anthem. Tassy Diva came on the stage with a bang but stopped just a few seconds into her performance. "I could have almost predicted it. You were not settled, you were not synchronised with the rhythm. It was an unfortunate situation," Miss Kitty told her.

The highlight of the night, however, came from Vybz Twins. Dedicating a piece of their song to Miss Kitty, the twins earned one of the biggest forwards for the night and a standing ovation from some of the judges.

They were followed by one of the audience's favourites, Candy K. "See a real artiste deh. The show just get nice. Yuh image tun up. You gone wid it, I swear," Skatta Burrell said.

The final contestant, Hummy Bling, suffered a slight mishap when he seemingly forgot the lyrics to his song but played it off and delivered a fairly decent performance. The show ended with a high-energy performance from Teflon.


- Colin Hamilton photos

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