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February 12, 2014
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Hospital denies patients being treated on chairs

Chief executive officer of the St Ann's Bay Hospital, Leo Garel, has refuted claims that patients are being treated on chairs at the hospital, due to shortage of beds.

Images were recently being circulated online, with two elderly women purported at the hospital. One image is seen seated in a row of chairs lined with sheet. One had a drip at her feet and wrapped from the chin down in a blanket.

The sight of the patients at the hospital, on the chairs, upset many viewers, with some stating they have relatives who have had similar experiences.

"My sister was admitted there few months ago and slept on those same chairs for about a week," a Facebook viewer commented.

Another added, "This has been happening for a while now."

Garel told THE STAR, however, he was not aware of any patient being treated on benches at the hospital.

"There are 250 beds in the hospital on wards. In the accident and emergency department, if no beds are on wards, people are kept there until beds are available," he said.

"We are currently building a ward on the hospital to provide more bed."

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