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February 12, 2014
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Richard Azan donates cash to schools in clarendon

Vice-principal of Edwin Allen High School, Calvin Campbell (left), being presented with a cheque for his school by Member of Parliament Richard Azan. - George Henry

The acquisition of skills in a number of practical areas in five high schools and a HEART/NTA funded skills training institution in North West Clarendon got a major boost last Friday, by way of a presentation of $500,000 each by Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, Richard Azan.

The presentation, which took place at the Spalding High School in that constituency, saw Edwin Allen High, Spalding High, Alston High, Thompson Town High and the C. Palmer Project of Hope Training Centre receiving the cheques from the Constituency Development Fund.

The money given to the institutions has come at a time when, according to Azan, some students in schools are not doing well academically, but are good with their hands and must acquire at least one skill that should be able to help them in making a livelihood.

Azan shared that all the institutions were asked to identify a particular skill in which the funds could be injected to further boost the students' learning, and that was done. Home economics was identified by Alston High, Edwin Allen High and Spalding High; Thompson Town identified welding as the area where the donation will be spent; while the C. Palmer Project of Hope plans to spend the funds in the area of electrical installation.

Principal of the Alston High, Headley Cross, in welcoming the contributions, praised the MP for his effort in assisting students in the acquisition of skills. He said his school needed the boost in its Home Economics Department. Cross added that equipment to be purchased with the $500,000 will go a far way in teaching and learning in that skill area.

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