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February 15, 2014
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Couple perform live sex at party

A video of a couple having sex at a dancehall event has evoked the anger of several viewers on Internet website YouTube.com.

The almost five-minute long video shows a male patron, fully nude, copulating with a female (partially nude), who wore a mask.

The couple could be seen dancing while having sex to several dancehall songs, including Mavado's Wey Dem A Sey, QQ's Stookie, Munga Honorable's Wine Pon It, and Busy Signal's Pon Di Edge.

The video appears to have been filmed at a street dance as sections of the asphalt used for vehicular traffic were visible.

During the shocking ordeal, patrons became spectators, forming a circle around the couple engaging in the sex act.

"Nuff a unnu neva see live sex before a dance? A suh wi dweet," the DJ said, while selecting songs.

Clad in black mesh stockings, a pair of pink socks, and wearing a white merino, the female in the video displayed varied 'bedroom' positions while her male partner rose to the challenge.

"Look out, fi carnival a come up, enuh. A di next bad one dat. Big up Black Blingers crew. It's all about getting the gyal whining and getting dem ... quinting," the DJ said, while the sex partners continued their public display.

The video, Dancehall Uncut, received more than 10,000 views on YouTube in quick succession. However, it was later deleted after being flagged by upset viewers. A version of the sex scene is still being circulated on cellular phones.

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