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February 15, 2014
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Church clothes party stirs anger

Promoter denies making mockery of God

Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Some members of the entertainment fraternity are currently seeing red following a recent 'Church Clothes' theme party, which, they claim, is disrespectful to God.

The event, 'Magnum Container Satdaz' was held last week, with patrons donning their Sunday best and even posing with Bibles, while others were clad in their usual skimpy attire.

Veteran sound system selector, Ricky Trooper, told THE STAR that he was repulsed by images he saw from the event. The selector stated that God is to be feared, not mocked.

"I find it very disgusting! All of the morals have gone down the drain! You can't take God's work and put it inna dancehall, with Bible inna hand and liquor a drink and a whine up. mi find that very disrespectful. People are to fear God, not jeer him," an irate Trooper said.

He also said that it was actions like these that cause persons to blame dancehall for society's moral decay.

"Dancehall is already getting a fight and people are already blaming entertainers for society's moral decline, and now promoters are taking this up! What kind of example are we setting for the youths?" Trooper questioned.

International reggae artiste Romain Virgo also expressed his displeasure with the church theme event.

"What gwan inna church and wah gwan inna dance is two different things. I think it is totally wrong and I am against it 150 per cent. we are losing the values that we learned growing up," he said.

Head clergyman of the Faith Temple in Bayside Portmore, the Reverend Wellesley Blair, told THE STAR "God is sick and tired of the immorality that is going on. God cannot be played with!"

He also warned those who condoned this practice with a biblical passage from Isaiah 5 verse 20 which reads: "woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness, and that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."

When THE STAR contacted The Container Satdaz promoter, Ian Miles, he said he was not aware of disparaging remarks being made about the event.

He said, however, that he could have foreseen that the theme would have been controversial.

"Dem say the Lord say, 'render your heart and not your garment'. Yuh have people weh go church weh worse than the people dem out a road. Yea, mi have a idea say people might see it a way, but mi nuh see it as say, me a mock God. You have people weh a go lick out gainst every little thing yuh do. Me nuh see weh mi blatantly a disrespect any religion or anybody in particular," Miles said.

While maintaining his stance, Miles took the opportunity to apologise to those who might have been offended by the theme.

"I apologise to those who take offence, but it wasn't meant to offend anyone. It is just a theme," he said.

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