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February 18, 2014
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Mixed reviews about new Hellshire Police Station
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Three weeks after opening its doors, the Hellshire Police Station has received mixed reviews from residents regarding its functionality.

Hellshire Heights resident, Omar Van-Whervin, 24, says that he is more than happy to have the new station in the community. However, he said there was a slight hiccup when he recently visited the station.

Van-Whervin, who operates a bar, shared that he was forced to utilise the station when he observed suspicious activity at a premises in the area. Upon visiting the station, he said, the lone police officer on duty at the time was unable to dispatch any units as the vehicle assigned to the station was already on patrol.

Despite the hitch, Van-Whervin said: "I can't judge right now, it's only been two weeks. I think them a do a good job, them a circle the place and so. Mi feel more comfortable. Mi feel them a do a good job."

community patrols

The Hellshire police, while unaware of the incident Van-Whervin mentioned, told THE STAR during a recent visit that there are ample units which allow for patrols throughout the entire community, as they are assisted by the "100 Man" police as well as the Special Operations Unit.

"People are most receptive to the police for the most part," said Constable Jermaine Wright, as he shared that his unit has organised town hall meetings with residents. He added that the meetings, which are well attended, served as a forum to sensitise residents about the functions of the Hellshire police, while providing a medium through which residents are able to voice their concerns.

Another resident, Denique Hall,said that she is dissatisfied, and hopes for improvements as robberies have continued in the community.

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