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February 19, 2014
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Residents angry after ... Pastor beats wife

Residents from a western Jamaica community are crying shame on a pastor who it is alleged showered some telling blows on his wife after she accused him of having an affaire with a teenager from the district.

THE STAR understands that more than two weeks ago, the wife, who shares cellular phone use with the pastor, had the phone when a text message came from the girl for her husband. It is further understood that the text was not to her liking, and the pastor was accosted and questioned.

It is alleged that the frightened pastor became angered with his wife's constant questioning about the text message and his affaire with the teenager, resulting in a heated argument and him throwing the blows on her. This, it is reported, resulted in a security guard who was passing the couple during their arguing, having to intervene.

utterly concerned

It is further understood that the situation was so ugly that the wife disappeared for a number of days from her nearby place of employment, raising several questions as to her whereabouts from her colleagues, who became concerned.

It is alleged that the security guard, who is also employed where the pastor's wife works, was ordered transferred after the wife revealed that he was responsible for spreading the news about the fracas involving the couple.

THE STAR has learnt that the incident is hot on the lips of many community residents, many of whom are calling for the pastor to be removed from being in charge of the church he leads.

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