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February 20, 2014
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Price increase at the pumps

Effective today, February 20, there's to be a $1.97 increase in gas prices, following last week's $1.85 jump.Petrojam Limited says a litre of E10-87 gasolene is to be sold for $119.53, while E10-90 will be sold for $121.18 per litre.

Meanwhile, the prices of kerosene and automotive diesel oil have gone up by almost $3 a litre.

A litre of automotive diesel oil is to be sold for $125.52 following an increase of $2.87.

A litre of kerosene is to go up by $2.97 to be sold for $129.43.

In the meantime, the price of propane cooking gas has been cut by $1.60 to $66.07 per litre.

Butane is to go down by $2.89 and will be sold for $64.80 per litre.

Retailers will add their markups to the announced prices.

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