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February 21, 2014
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Battle continues for Magnum King and Queen
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Castle Blue's 10 remaining contestants took to the D'Entrance stage on Saturday for the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show, but fell flat.

With guest judge Jade Lee joining Skatta Burrell, Miss Kitty and Professor Nuts on the panel, audience members seemed excited for the show to begin.

Up first was Sexylus, who struggled through her performance. Battling technical difficulties and seemingly forgetting her lyrics, she was informed by Miss Kitty that her performance was a poor start to a good show and her delivery was monotonous and lackluster.

Status was next and his catchy lyrics and high-energy performance got the crowd cheering.

"You came with great energy and delivered a good performance," Jade Lee said.

The Rastafarianempress, Shanti Q, was up next and, though the message of her song was a good one, it was overshadowed by her lack of vocal training.

Bro Falcon earned the respect of the judges with Miss Kitty informing him that she loved the message he was promoting in his song. Jade Lee also agreed.

"It was a well-written song. You have lots of potential in this industry," Lee told Bro Falcon.

The high-energy performance from Candy Price earned her a few forwards from the crowd. Aiding her performance also, were the snacks she threw into the audience.

"You started off slow, but your performance built up over time. It was vibrant," said Professor Nuts.

One of the better performances of the night came from Krushal whose catchy hook, Oh Gosh, even had the judges singing along.

"You lyrics dem crawb up. Lalalallalalalalalala," Miss Kitty said.

"Big up fi the rap flow. You are the first artiste to come out with a hip-hop rhythm on a dancehall show, and consistently rock the crowd," Skatta Burrell said.

The dynamic duo of Storm and Attitude were up next, but their lyrics lacked potency and were off key.

They made way for Dario Ice, whose Big Up song had Professor Nuts stating that he was a professional.

The militant Sim Sim was next but, at times, her lyrics were inaudible.

Seemingly saving the best for last, Kaama delivered a high-energy performance, which saw some of the judges giving him a standing ovation.

"You lyrically bad. You ended the show on a high. I'm proud of your presentation," Miss Kitty said.

The show came to an end following a brief performance from Bramma The Gorilla.

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