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February 22, 2014
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Arts in the Park embarks on poetic journey

The premature end to last week's staging of Arts in the Park at Devon House, prompted organisers to host a second installation to the spoken-word series.

Trafalgar Road's Puls8 provided the perfect location for the conclusion of Arts in the Park, as the outside venue and smaller audience made for a more intimate setting.

The night's performers took the small crowd on a poetic journey, from Kingston to the rural area of Linstead, touching aspects of Jamaican culture including food and creativity of the people.

The night's opening performer, Richard 'Dingo' Dingwall, had the crowd's imagination in overdrive with 'My Love is like Water' and 'I Want a Woman'. His poems spoke of male/female relations with subtle creativity.

The energy inside Puls8 went up with poets Yasheka Graham and Mel Cooke. Speaking on serious social issues such as the disease of fatherlessness and returning to our roots, Graham was well received by the audience. When it was Cooke's turn, he took the liberty of remixing the National Anthem. In his opening statement, Cooke said Jamaicans need to do one of two things, "Either ask for new things or ask for the same old things in a different way."

He spoke on other serious topics of interest such as skin bleaching, the 2010 Tivoli incursion and even gave the audience an extra-special peek into his personal life.

Other performers for the night included Faybian Thomas, M'Balla and A-dziko Simba Gegele among others.

Senior director of entertainment in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Gillian Wilkinson McDaniel, said a part two to the event was necessary as there were poets who didn't get the chance to present their pieces (last Sunday), and the ministry wanted to provide them with the medium to express themselves. She thanked Dr Kingsley Cooper and Pulse for accommodating at short notice.

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