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February 22, 2014
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Documentary highlights their life in New Kingston

Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Dressed in wigs, female apparel and heavy make-up, a group of homosexual sex workers were the highlight of a documentary which went viral on the Internet recently.

The film titled, Documentary on Gay Prostitutes Living in Jamaica was first aired on video sharing site YouTube more than a week ago and has stirred responses of pity and disgust for the gay prostitutes.

The almost hour long documentary, which was produced by CBTV, was filmed on a sidewalk at Trafalgar Road, St Andrew, a popular hotspot for homosexuals.

Ten gay prostitutes were interviewed, all of whom spoke of their experiences as a sex workers as well as used the opportunity to express their grouses.

During the documentary, a 22-year-old 'man' with the moniker 'Stagerine', spoke of earning a living as a sex worker since he was 14. "I come from rural St Catherine, saw a gay sex tape and heard about New Kingston and decided to come hustle, I've been a sex worker for seven years," he shared.

But unlike many of his colleagues, Stagerine revealed, he still has a good relationship with his family, despite his occupation and lifestyle.

The homosexual sex workers, also spoke of being attacked by passers-by and being made homeless due to their sexual orientation. This proved to be true as during the interview a bottle was thrown at the group.

Sasha-Berry, 21, explained how he was hospitalised late last year: "I was stabbed multiple times in December, after I was set up by 'two real girls' to mek dem friend try kill me."

Another worker said he is forced to sleep in a gully. " From yuh gay, dem don't waa rent we dem place and what we make is hand to mouth, we can't afford it," Trina-Doll explained.

The group also emphasised their need for help and aspirations to live overseas in a 'gay-friendly' country.

"Mi feel like me waa leave Jamaica and live my life free, waa live like inna Amsterdam weh it legal!" one said.

Throughout the film, the men expressed their disappointment in Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, who they claimed used them to get elected. They claimed that the prime minister made promises during the December 2011 leadership debate that if admitted in office she would review the Buggery Act.

Another added, "she needs to look out for us. She visits other countries and sees how their heads of state look out for homosexuals ... How do you sleep Miss Portia, knowing that your brothers and sisters are sleeping in the gully?"

While some of the more than 50,000 YouTube viewers sympathised with the gay sex workers, others responded with disdain.

"Oh my God, my heart bleeds for these poor uneducated guys, this is a very sad state," a viewer commented.

Another commented, "this is disgusting! I'm for live and let live, but sex on the street and them kinda levity, spread all kinda disease and dysfunction."

"Mi feel like me waa leave Jamaica and live my life free, waa live like inna Amsterdam weh it legal!"

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