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March 7, 2014
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Busta Rhymes shows support for Kartel

Busta Rhymes

Iconic American hip-hop artiste Busta Rhymes, yesterday showed his support for Vybz Kartel by attending the court proceedings along with several fans of the incarcerated deejay who anxiously await his pending trial verdict.

The rapper's appearance was unannounced. However, he did mention on Twitter that he wanted coconut while in the island. "First stop, Coconut Jelly in Jamaica," he tweeted.

On location, the rapper was very tight-lipped about his visit, stating that he would be better prepared to speak after a final decision is made on Vybz Kartel's fate.

Vybz Kartel has collaborated with Busta Rhymes twice, on efforts called Twerk It and Wine Go Down. The rapper also showed his respect for Kartel during an interview with overseas media channel VLAD TV.

"Vybz Kartel is a very intriguing artiste to work with. I don't really have nothing to think about his situation because I don't know all of the truth about it and it is none of my business. At the end of the day, I just know about my experiences with him, and I know what he does for me and music. He is an inspiring motherand he works hard too," Busta Rhymes continued.

"The thing I found more intriguing is how he was able to evolve what the now reggae artiste should be like, whether you agree with it or you don't. His perspective of what the now reggae artiste should be is what differentiates him from everything that I have seen a long time in reggae artistes. He understands how to incorporate shock value with incredible music. He does things on the shock value level that we might look at as very crazy."

"I wouldn't say he is the Rick James of reggae because he is not a clown, that ain't Kartel. He is still looked at as being very serious, even though he is very entertaining. I just respect what he does with his music and I hope that his situation works out for him because he has a lot more to contribute," Busta Rhymes added.


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