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March 7, 2014
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Magnum Kings, Queens go off-key
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter


Storm and Attitude. - Colin Hamilton photos

While there were severe key problems on Saturday's staging of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, contestants like Krushal, Status and Tempricha managed to salvage what was left of the show.

Taking the stage at D'Entrance, Constant Spring Road in St Andrew after almost being eliminated during the battle with Dario Ice at the start of the show, Krushal did not disappoint Professor Nuts who chose him as his wildcard. Doing a soca-inspired song, Krushal had the audience jumping and singing along to his 'thousand dalla' hook.

"What a yute wicked man, unuh see seh mi mek a good choice?" Professor Nuts said.

Another standout contestant was Status. Despite his extremely deep voice, he was clear and captivated the audience with his variations.

"You have Status on Magnum Kings and Queens as a big voice. Your demeanour alone shell weh the place," Miss Kitty said.

Surprisingly, it was the producer's pick Tempricha that certainly made an impact with her first appearance on the live show.

Judge Skatta, who was disappointed by several contestants on the night, was most impressed. Miss Kitty was also pleased as she said Tempricha "personified your song. I saw the meaning in your face. I love the key and the pitch that you chose".

Kaama and Dario Ice were not necessarily the best on the show, but were commended for their strong efforts. Kaama was liked for his energetic set, while Dario Ice was commended for his poetic piece.

But for most of the night, contestants were off-key. The complaints started with Sim Sim and continued with Storm and Attitude. But Shanti Q was probably the worst of them all.

"Talk about depressing. Da song deh nuh motivate mi and mek mi feel like mi a guh have a future. Da song deh nuh mek mi waan strive, it mek mi waan heng miself," Skatta said.

The show came to a close with Candy Price and Bro Falcon. A frustrated Skatta refused to comment on Candy Price's performance, because she was also off-key. And although Bro Falcon wasn't the worst of the lot, judges said he bored them with his performance.

The live show ended with a performance from singjay Demarco.

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