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March 7, 2014
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Dario Ice survives stabbing incident

Dario Ice - Colin Hamilton

After seven years of trying out to be on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, current contestant Dario Ice said he refused to do a life-saving surgery following a stabbing incident because he did not want to be disqualified from the show.

Dario Ice, real name Darren Gordon, explained that he had been campaigning extensively a couple weeks ago when he was attacked. While on a bus on his way from Westmoreland, Dario said he got into a minor confrontation with a male passenger who was also on the bus.

"When the vehicle stop at a gas station in May Pen, him come out and deh in front of me and him tek out him knife and mi run off. Him stab mi inna mi lower left side and upper back near mi spine," Dario Ice told THE weekend STAR.

Following the incident, he said he was taken to the hospital where doctors told him that there might have been some internal damage and he would need surgery.

But, Dario said he refused surgery, as this would mean he would be unable to perform for a month.

"Mi seh mi caan afford fi give up now," said Dario Ice, who has auditioned to be on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall for the past seven years.

"Mi a seh mi a try out fi seven years and go over 17 auditions. Dem ago do surgery pon mi and mek mi hospitalised? If mi nuh perform inna di face-off, mi ago get disqualified. Mi caan do dat! Mi come too far fi turn back. If mi do di operation, is like mi dreams and everything done wid. A God give mi di opportunity 'cause 2014 a my year."

Dario Ice said it was nothing short of a miracle when doctors later discovered that his organs were in good condition and the surgery was no longer needed.

"Mi tell dem seh a God do it," said Dario Ice, who attends Lighthouse Chapel International.

He said being in the competition was extremely important to him, as he previously refused to take up a theology scholarship in Ghana, West Africa, earlier this year, because he wanted to be on the show. He also put his studies at the Portmore Community College on hold to pursue his music.

"Mi feel extremely special fi deh inna di competition. Mi feel great fi know seh mi persevere over the years," he told THE weekend STAR.

And although he is very religious, Dario Ice says he prefers to do dancehall.

"Mi do gospel, but some things weh mi waan express mi caan get fi express. Mi waan fi sing bout mi pain, but inna gospel you can't sing bout certain things," he said.

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