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March 8, 2014
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Pink Panther Promoter says Bredda Hype sound won War Climate clash

Pink Panther did not win

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Although sound system selector Pink Panther has come forward stating that he is the winner of the War Climate clash held at the Appleton Estate last weekend, the promoter, MC, and other selectors in the clash have refuted these claims.

Instead, they have stated that it is the St Elizabeth sound, Bredda Hype, who were the winners.

Pink Panther is, however, adamant that he won the clash, and told THE STAR that the trophy was sneakily removed from the stage by a representative of Bredda Hype.

"A me win the clash. Mi win every round. MC Nuffy ask the crowd who win and everybody say a me. Only the people dem whe come wid Bredda Hype say a him win. Somebody from Bredda Hype grab up the trophy and run off, but a nuh dem win. Look how long me a clash? Mi nuh need fi tell lie say a mi win clash. Everybody know say a me win," Panther told THE STAR.

He added that he has won nine world-clash titles and, therefore, had no need to lie. However, both the promoter and Bredda Hype have refuted the claims.

According to Bredda Hype's selector, Rohan Cowan, the crowd decided that they were the winners.

"Him (MC Nuffy) ask the crowd who win and everybody say a we win. Nuffy and the promoters even presented the trophy to us, so mi nuh know wha Panther a talk bout. Him lie. Panther a look a comeback. Him tek one year off last year and now him a look a comeback. All Redd Heat sound did participate and lose and dem call and congratulate wi. We win by far. Panther never have no tune," Cowan said.

This claim was backed up by the promoter, who told THE STAR that he does not understand why Panther would claim to be the victor when it was evident that he lost. He added that it was a unanimous decision by the crowd that Bredda Hype were the winners and that Panther needs to accept his defeat.

Selector Ricky Trooper, who was the first to go from the clash line-up, also chimed in.

"Panther is lying. Bredda Hype win the clash and get the trophy. No controversy was there, everybody knows that Panther lost. Is like him a try undermine the promoter dem ting. Panther you lose. You caan win everything. Fi a big man inna the business so long, you nuh need fi a tell lie. Bredda Hype won," Trooper said.

When contacted, MC Nuffy stated that, when the crowd was asked if Panther was the winner, they replied with a deafening "No".

"Panther, yuh too lie. Why ya run dung one likkle clash? The crowd decide say yuh lose. Mi ask the crowd if a Panther win and everybody shout out, 'Noooooooo'. You lose. Bredda Hype win,'" Nuffy also declared.

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