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March 11, 2014
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Mr Peppa, Alley Cat in squabble over song

Mr Peppa - File

Alley Cat

There seems to be a squabble brewing between seasoned dancehall artistes Alley Cat, now called Imperial, and Mr Peppa.

The issue has apparently started recently after the release of a song, Have It Lock, featuring Mr Peppa and Bounty Killer, that has been receiving steady rotation on radio stations.

According to Alley Cat, he had released a rhythm compilation called Motion Picture 2010 which featured the song by Mr Peppa, however, DJs refused to play it which pushed the artiste to re-record the song with established producers Pay Day Music and add Bounty Killer to the effort.

"I wasn't getting any justice when I produced the song and I put a lot of work into it. I made every effort to promote the project even releasing a medley video which charted on several local charts in Jamaica, but the radio never gave me a chance to excel," he said.

Alley Cat said Peppa has been getting strong airplay for the new version of the song in 2014. However, all the credit is going to Pay Day Music instead of his (Alley Cat's) label Imperial productions, who first produced the song.

"I want the people to know that I was the first major producer behind it, and I want to ask the DJs to give young producers a chance. If its even to create a 'pump it or dump it' segment where fans can vote on projects. But radio DJs should not have the power to decide what happens to your productions, because dem overlook the thing because of double standards. Is me and Mr Peppa sit dung and write the song initially," he said.

The deejay insisted that he has no serious grouse with Pay Day Music, Bounty Killer or Mr Peppa. He believes the actions of radio DJs pushed Mr Peppa to seek stronger affiliation in order to get the song its deserving highlight.

"Maybe Pay Day was oblivious, so I nah mek nuh judgement. Maybe if they had known that Mr Peppa already released the song under my label they would have asked him to do another song on their rhythm instead," he said.

When contacted, Mr Peppa said Alley Cat should not have released the song because he recorded it as a demo for Bounty Killer and did not intend to promote it as a solo for himself.

He also said Alley Cat was out of line and was not concerned about the project until it started getting popularity.

"I recorded the song one and a half year ago with Pay Day and decided to ask Bounty Killer to collaborate with me and he said yes on BBM. Alley Cat should have come to me before going to the media. Why yu wah use me as an example as me a get back a shine?" he said.

A seemingly upset Mr Peppa further stated; "If is a newspaper hype yu a look mi wi tek it to lyrical war because mi tek it as a disrespect. Mi nuh want nuh side distraction and mi nah mek no man box mi food outa mi mouth."

Mr Peppa received hits in the early 2000s with singles like Talk and Gangster Guerrilla. Apart from Have It Lock Mr Peppa is also now promoting a collaboration with ANG artiste Prince Pin called Nuh New Friend.

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