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March 11, 2014
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Family denies rumour after woman's vicious death
André Williams, STAR Writer

Relatives of the accused man who remains at large after the beheading of the mother of his kids a few weeks ago in East Kingston have sharply refuted rumours that the act was committed because he discovered he was not the father of the kids.

Siblings of the accused man, Desroy 'Hopeton' Barrett, say that they are not aware of the real motive behind the murder of his children's mother.

However, they have refuted the rapidly circulating allegation that 34-year-old Karen Rainford was beheaded after Barrett discovered that the four children did not belong to him.

Barrett's sister, Diana Leslie, told THE STAR, "The kids are his kids. People say mi mada deh a farin and a file for dem and nothing no go so, a rumour. A jus one person say it and everybody run wid it. A nuff people and me catch up when mi hear dem a talk and mi afi tell dem nothing like dat.

Him and har all lef almost three years now."

THE STAR gathered that following an argument last October, that nearly turned physical, Barrett left the community and did not return until February 16, the night of the alleged act. Rainford was viciously attacked about 2:30 a.m. as the community of Back Bush, Mountain View, slept. Her severed head was found in an open lot some distance from her home.

During a visit to the community recently, our news team was told that a domestic dispute between Barrett and his siblings over maintenance of his children triggered an argument in October.

Leslie told THE STAR, "The day he was leaving he made after Karen and started to cuss and say a she why the people dem (we) over the yard gang him and her friends dem have things to say about him. That a ina October enuh, and we nuh see or hear nothing from him til the incident."

four children

The family told THE STAR that they want him to turn himself over to the police, adding that if they knew his whereabouts they would inform the lawmen.

His sister said; "If me see him mi a call the police. Nobody nuh see him. People love to chat and say dem see him a Cross Roads inna darkers and Half-Way Tree, but nothing no go so because all who a talk a people who would call the police."

A friend of the deceased also told THE STAR that claims that the four children are not Barrett's are false.

"A 17 days since mi friend dead. Her two big kids deh a England and the last four a fi him pickney. The killing was a surprise because dem whole family a good people," she said.

"People a talk a bag a things but mi want the STAR set it straight. She nuh go nuh weh, di man mada never travel, yet much less fi file fi pickney, a lie," she further said.

A police sergeant close to the investigation also told our news team that the East Kingston police are aware of the widespread speculations, however, that information has not been unearthed in the reports collected during their ongoing investigation.

Our news team was told by the residents that a judge has since ordered that the children stay elsewhere until the accused man is captured.

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