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March 12, 2014
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Kartel fans predict verdict on social network

Fans of deejay Vybz Kartel have taken to social network, arguing about the lifestyle of the artiste, while trying to predict his fate.

At least six Facebook pages have been established called 'Free Vybz Kartel' and over five Twitter pages with the same title, all created by fans of the incarcerated deejay to rally support from local Gaza fans.

Ironically, not all persons who subscribed to the Free Vybz Kartel social networking pages are supporters of the artiste, and therefore the views vary.

According to Ricky 'StreetBoss' Thompson who commented on the Free Vybz Kartel Facebook page, "Dem a waste dem time ... Him haffi come road nuh matta what dem sey. People with sense know dat all evidence was tampered with. If him go prison then we can say he didn't get a fair trial."

Another comment, this posted by Vanessa 'Sami' Samuels didn't hold back any punches. "Stay wey yu deh and learn sense 'World Fool'. Upliftment yu should have dealt with, yu a destroy life. Buy tablets give the youths and dash wey di gun," she posted.

Like Samuels, another viewer called Ackee An Saltfish posted, "If him (Kartel) do the crime him must do the time. All these people talking about free up the boss, what if this was your brother, father, friend, or family member? Would you be talking about free up the boss then? If this was a regular person everyone would be saying put him inna jail."


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