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March 13, 2014
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I-Wayne hurt by rumours - Says he has never collapsed on stage

I-Wayne - File

Reggae artiste I-Wayne is shooting down a rumour that has been circulating over the past year that he collapsed on a stage show because he had not been eating properly.

According to I-Wayne, he has never collapsed on stage, and would like persons to desist from spreading the rumours as it is damaging to his career.

He says promoters are worried that if they book him for shows he will collapse.

The artiste says if he had collapsed onstage in this age powered by technology, there would be thousands of videos circulating on the web as proof that he collapsed but there is none.

"In technology time, like now, if you look on the net, you would see a video of me collapsing, but you can't find one because it is a lie. A plan dem plan fi mek it look like reggae dead, because Fire Wayne a one a di man dem wey carry di thing. Yu notice sey from dem start the rumour, I-Wayne even a receive less play on the radio? Now the positive messages are being replaced with smut," I-Wayne said.

The Life Seeds singer says persons have contacted him saying they believed the rumour. "Since the rumour start, people book me for less shows because they think I will drop down on the stage ..., at the end of the day a just jealousy cause this rumour," he said.

I-Wayne says he has been a vegetarian for several years and maintains that a vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, and it has never posed any health complications for him.

"I don't eat meat, not even fish, just mi greens and mi porridge. But a years mi a duh this and mi neva drop dung ... . Dem people yah too wicked. Is like dem wah duh mi like how dem duh Marcus Garvey and Selassie because mi sey righteousness," I-Wayne lamented.

The artiste recently released a new collaboration with Kabaka Pyramid called Versatile, as well as singles Danger and Free Water Way. He also rounded off last year with strong performances at Sting and Rebel Salute.


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