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March 14, 2014
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No video for Gage's sexually charged song
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer


His song, 'One Gyal', has received more than 100,000 views on YouTube, but dancehall artiste Gage said fans should not expect a video.

Known for its raunchy lyrics, One Gyal chronicles the deejay's experience with a female, who performs oral sex on him.

However, because of its raunchy nature, Gage doesn't believe a video will happen soon.

Though the lyrics explicitly describe the encounter and is only suitable for a mature audience, Gage insisted that was not his intention.

"Mi neva really plan fi write di song fi one audience, mi just put pen to paper and the lyrics come out. It just happen that only an adult can listen to it," he said.

The artiste said despite the song's sexually charged lyrical content, it has been doing well on the local scene.

"A crazy talk bout it in the streets. I would say 99 per cent of people like it, and that's what matters because everybody nah go like it."

When asked about the sexually aggressive turn dancehall has taken, Gage said some artistes have taken things too far.

"Mi feel like dancehall stray from Mavado and Kartel days. Dem man deh make lyrics talk fi dem but nowadays artiste feel like dem affi do something outta di box fi get a hype," he said.

Admitting that he doesn't necessarily support this idea, the entertainer said each artiste is responsible for his career.

"Mi nuh really support some a di tings weh nuff artiste a do, but every man affi do what they think is best for their career, including myself."

Gage, who recently resumed bleaching said that decision was made to improve his image and not to get attention.

"Mi know say mi ago get good feedback and bad feedback. I don't want to be a white man, I'm just doing me, and mi neva hear bleaching do nobody nuttin yet," he said.

Though unsure of the release dates, Gage is working on a number of singles including Hey Mama pt 2, Candyman, Fashion Police and City Rock.


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