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March 17, 2014
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Jamari making strides with 'Live Your Breath Away'


Fast-rising artiste Jamariis at the forefront of a new movement that fuses other genres with the Jamaican reggae-dancehall vibe or rhythm to create a unique sound that can rock the world.

He first came to public attention late last year with the single M.O.N.E.Why, which showcased the brilliant fusion of reggae and R&B genres. Now, he is stepping up his game with Live Your Breath Away.

"It is asongfor all music lovers. itis for the free spirited, where I'm saying'I just wanna wake up without worrying about the time' ... and 'I just wannalive for the people that passed away'. This is a definitefeel-good banger for every party," hesaid.

Jamari is inviting all interested disc jockeys to link him at sliva2k9@yahoo.com to get their copies.

The young heart-throbrevealed that his inspiration for writing songs comes from deep within his soul and that he believes thatgreat music can truly heal the soul. He has been getting a positive response to his music in Canada and the United Kingdom, where radio disc jockeys have begun to spin the record.

"BBC radio reached out to my publicist saying they loved my musicand they wanted to hear more from me in the future. Promoters in theUK also reached out to me based on the buzz from M.O.N.E.Why,and with this new song,the future looks bright," he said.

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