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March 17, 2014
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Frankfield farmer murdered near police station
Horace Fisher, Star Writer

Onlookers gather outside the Frankfield bar where Fitzroy 'Youngee' Miller was shot dead. - Horace Fisher photos

Gunmen on a shooting-robbery rampage in Frankfield, Clarendon, on Friday night killed farmer, Fitzroy 'Youngee' Miller, 65, just metres away from the Frankfield Police Station minutes after firing shots at a bar and robbing a wholesale.

The bar operator said the establishment was robbed just two weeks ago, however, when the posh car drove up, she never expected the drama that was about to unfold.

"I heard that gunmen had just robbed the wholesale, so I was packing away for the night when I saw a car drive up, but I thought they were patrons. A moment later, I heard a loud explosion, which was followed by a barrage of gunshots into the bar," she recalled between sobs. "As I lay on the floor, I thought to myself that this is the end, but when the shots stop firing, I get up and saw Youngee on the floor, dead."

Miller's elderly mother, Esmine Johnson-Miller, described him as a quiet, hard-working farmer. "He doesn't make trouble with anyone. him just take care of his cows and goats," Johnson-Miller said.

The operator of the wholesale said because the wholesale was directly located opposite the police station, he thought the business was safe.

Superintendent Warren Turner, head of operations for the parish, said the recovered spent shells were from high-calibre weapons. He appealed for people with information to contact the police or his personal cellular phone at 832-3665 so the gunmen could be held.

Fitzroy 'Youngee' Miller

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