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March 18, 2014
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'Bere fawud' for Benji Hype on Ash Wednesday

Benji Hype - File

US-based dancehall artiste, Benji Hype, performed at the Hague Agricultural and Livestock show on Ash Wednesday where he got a big forwards for his top-ten hit Google Bad Mind and for his latest single, Man Dark.

"It was a really good performance, I want to thank the organisers for giving me 10 minutes so the fans could see what I can do. I walked on with Google Bad Mind and mi get a great forward and then mi do Man Dark and the forwards dem get louder. The young people love the Man Dark fi some reason; dem love the slang," Benji Hype said.

Benji Hype closed his set with the stage show song, Food Haffi Cook, the humorous Good Good and his club banger, Rave Everyday.

"The fans dem a warm up to Rave Everyday, mi see crazy phones inna the air and the people dem a wave to it," he said.

Benji Hype shot a video for Man Dark recently. The single, which appears on the Hashtag rhythm for 007 Records, is now available on a number of electronic platforms. He believes that this could be his next big single.

"I know that the single is going to do well among the teenagers, who have been downloading the songs on their phones. Whenever I send out a tweet about the song, I get a lot of retweets and replies, so I know that they are feeling the Man Dark song for some reason," Benji Hype said.

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