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March 20, 2014
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'I'm not offering oral sex' - J. Amsterdam

J. Amsterdam - File

Dancehall artiste, J. Amsterdam, is asking mischievous persons on Facebook and Twitter to desist from using his name to make lewd sexual advances to females.

According to the artiste, several females have been accusing him of making oral sex offers to them on social networks, however, this is not so.

"Persons have created Facebook and Twitter accounts which are fake and have been offering sexual favours saying they want to eat women and are using my pictures. I had to create a new Facebook account called J. Amster-dam81 and close some of the accounts because the fake accounts are like a plague," he said.

The artiste says the J. Amsterdam impersonators have also requested naked pictures from some women, leading some daring women to send pictures of their sexual organs to his Facebook page.

"The Facebook people (impersonators) are destroying my career and I want them to stop that. And (to) my fans, I am not the one approaching you in social media world asking for sex. I would not approach a stranger and ask to perform oral sex," he said.

The artiste is also gearing up to release the music video or his single, Come Wine Inna Mi Face, in coming weeks. He also disclosed that he did a series of performances in exotic nightclubs.

"We have been getting support in the North Coast especially females, and some men, too. After the Come Wine Inna Mi Face video I will be releasing another video for the follow-up single, Candy Crush. The videos have been delayed because of of trouble we had with the producer of the rhythm, but that is working out so the video will be out soon on all websites," J. Amsterdam said.


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