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March 20, 2014
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André Williams & Rasbert Turner, STAR Writers

Men posing as perfume/cologne sellers are reportedly going about in Old Harbour, St Catherine, soliciting unsuspecting persons to smell an unidentified chemical disguised in what appears to be original brands of cologne, THE STAR understands.

Information reaching our news desk is that numerous persons have fallen prey to the ongoing trick, which has left others in sections of the town fearful.

THE STAR was told that the robbers are attracted to jewellery, cell phones, cash and other items.

A resident told THE STAR, "Yes, dem a go round a do that .. Is not really a new trick or anything like dat ... but is like Old Harbour people start tek it up ... A nuff people end up ina argument afterwards ... people a claim say this and dat deh one deh involve and dem see a next person in a dem jewellery afterwards."


Another resident told THE STAR of a recent encounter where a prostitute from the area was a victim of smelling the chemical.

She said, "A prostitute weh work from gateway down to the Skateland in Old Harbour get rob the same way a few weeks ago ... dem rob her of all the money she made for the night ... dem tek out her gold earrings and bracelets ... when she wake up the only thing she member was that she was smelling perfume."

Our news team was told that victims of the trick may be ashamed to report the matter to the police.

"Dem laugh after a man weh day when him tell some people say it happen to him and dat him lose him wallet," a shopkeeper said.

The police, however, told our news team that the view is not an isolated one.

The senior police officer attached to the St Catherine South Division under whose aegis Old Harbour falls confirmed the cases.

"Residents have complained of incidents where persons purporting to be providers of colognes and other scented products (encourage person to) use same and (then they) are rendered unconscious or knocked out ... These men conduct criminal acts on their victims such as robberies ... there is an ongoing probe to deal with those who are carrying out these acts," he said.

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