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March 24, 2014
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Caucasian woman 'ramp' rough! - Shocks viewers on social networking dance video

A Caucasian woman was the highlight of a raunchy party video, which has gone viral on various social networking sites recently.

In the beginning of the video, scantily clad women can be seen with legs splayed on a sheet spread on the ground with a pillow propped by a fence, waiting eagerly as multiple men 'dagger' them continuously.

But the 'star' of the almost five-minute long clip is a Caucasian woman, clad in a bikini top and thong underwear, who can be seen dancing up a storm and performing the same lewd dances as the other women.

The woman is being passed around by multiple men who eagerly use the opportunity to gyrate and pounce upon the willing female with the over-zealous disc jockey's encouragement. "Whitey!! Ramp Rough! Whitey! Ramp Rough!" he screams as the woman continues to dance fervently.

daring stunt

Throughout the video, women can be seen whining on sticks which are used as a phallus by men while they dance.

Another shocking episode occurs when a couple leaves the dance floor and takes their dancing to a tree much to the awe of spectators, who watch the dancing pair.

One more daring stunt by two couples who take their dancing to the sound boxes eagerly following the instructions of the over-zealous DJ. "Plait har hair! Plait har hair!" he instructed, while one of the men grabs and pulls the hair of his willing dance partner.

The film has upset some viewers who expressed their disgust.

"A ladies dem deh? Only dog one mi see jump on them one another like that!" one viewer said.

Another added, "dancehall turn porn now?"

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