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March 25, 2014
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Daggering kids - video anger viewers

A Facebook video showing underage boys gyrating and stroking their pubic area on adult women at a local party brought anger to many online Jamaican Facebook viewers recently.

The video, filmed at an event in Portmore, shows two scantily attired women positioning themselves in doggy style, while two minors stroked them as if their lives depended on it. One of the boys was only wearing underwear.

At the beginning of the video, the DJ played I Octane's Giggle, while several youths were seen gyrating on each other. However, the shock value in the event came when a grown woman and her friend walked into the view of the camera and positioned themselves on all fours as the boys began stroking away.

The videographer kept himself hidden through the entire ordeal, but his voice could be heard cheering on the boys along with a slew of expletives. Several adults were also spotted at the venue, however, none stepped in to separate the minors from the adults.

"Gwaan back mi boss, watch him bloodnuh. Lock yu mouth mi boss," the videographer shouted as the tiny-figured boy proceeded to plunge his boyish frame on the woman. An older man later walked into the path of the video and poured a bottle of water on the boy as he continued his disturbing daggering onslaught.

Several concerned Jamaicans posted their concerns, asuring that the practice was not an accepted one in the island. Even the person who uploaded the video on Facebook was not spared by the Facebook viewers.

"You should be locked up for posting this video," Augustus White commented.

Another stated: "Disgusting and dis is what you want to promote to people as Jamaican culture? Nuttin is funny about dat and di fact dey know how to dance like that at that age shows that there is an improper way of parenting you kid."

The video received more than 9,193 Facebook shares and 2,421comments.

The capacity for minors to consume adult content has long been an issue of concern locally. In 2012, Junior Entertainment Minister, Damion Crawford, said a rating system for events would be created to alleviate problems lurking over the industry. These problems he said included poor sponsorships, underage drinking and reducing exposure to adult content. However, the rating system is yet to be officially introduced.

Crawford told The Star yesterday, that he would speak on his entertainment registry, rating system and zoning policies in coming weeks. The Child Development Agency did not respond to emails up to press time last night.


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