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March 25, 2014
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Police shooting tape sparks pubic outcry
André Williams & Chad Bryan, STAR Writers

An amateur video posted online which shows a policeman shooting a taxi operator in Hopewell, Hanover, allegedly for parking in a non-parking zone yesterday morning has triggered an investigation and sparked public outcry on social media.

THE STAR understands that the incident transpired in full view of onlookers, some of whom captured parts of the moment on mobile devices, while others stood in shock and disgust at the situation as it unfolded.

The footage, which is two minutes and 14 seconds in length, shows a policeman and another man, later identified as a taxi operator, wrestling each other until they both fell to the ground.

The man, said to be the policeman pulled his firearm and fired several shots at the seemingly disobedient cabbie, who onlookers say was armed with what appeared to be a piece of metal.

Loud screams were heard coming from the large crowd that converged on the scene.

"A sinting deh son ... a ... son ... what a video ... a ... son ...," a woman could be heard saying before things took a turn for the worst.

Following the ordeal and apparent consideration from onlookers, the injured man was taken to the hospital.

attack on the Policeman

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating the shooting incident and police detectives from Area One are investigating the attack on the policeman.

Commander for the Hanover Police Division, Deputy Superintendent A Collie, told our news team yesterday, "I cannot comment on the matter now ... after an investigation, I can provide that info at a later time ..."

When asked if he had seen the footage or if he wanted us to send it to him, he said, "I heard of a video ... I haven't seen the video, but some police personnel I heard have it so I think I will be able to see it soon ..."

Up to press time, there was no update on the cabbie's condition.

Several viewers took to social media voicing their disgust and concern on the matter.

Saleem Sam: "Looks like cabbie had a piece of iron pipe to me. Enlarge it on your big screen and tell us."

Courtney Bowen "unless we are in the situation, we don't know how we would react ... I always tell ppl ... to comply with the police ... even if you think his order is incorrect ... you can always make your point after, but don't make the situation worst."

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