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March 26, 2014
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JPS reports fewer power outages
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has reported that Jamaicans have experienced fewer power outages over the last five years as a result of a US$600-million investment improving its generation and power- delivery infrastructure.

In a press release, the power company reported that its customers have received more reliable service over recent years due to the capital investment since 2009, making way for technological advancements aiding in the tracking and response to outages. Additionally, the energy company reported that it has improved its power-delivery network, upgraded some of its substations, commissioned three new renewable power-generation facilities and overhauled some of its older generating units.

Senior vice-president, customer operations & support services, JPS, Gary Barrow, stated in the release: "Power outages are part of the reality of every electric-utility system. However, we have continued our efforts to systematically identify and address the issues that contribute to the preventable outages. And, in 2013, our customers saw the lowest level of outages recorded in the last five years."

JPS customers experienced one-third less outages last year than they did in 2009, the release said.

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