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March 28, 2014
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Tanto Blacks, Mr Khool at war over 'Okie Dokie'

( L - R ) Mr Khool, Tanto Blacks

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Mr Khool has accused fellow entertainer Tanto Blacks of stealing his 'Okie Dokie' slang.

Mr Khool, signed to Insight Records stated, "Everybody know, from long time, sey when mi a perform mi always sey, 'Okie Dokie', a my tag line dat.

From Tanto Blacks si mi perform at Little Ocho Rios Carnival last year, him thief mi style. Mi mash up di place bad, bad an when mi come off a di stage, mi si how him a pree mi, him all run come tell mi sey him love how mi mash up di show, but mi neva know sey a mi style him did a plan fi tief," he said.

Mr Khool said he is asking Tanto Blacks to stop using 'Okie Dokie' as his tag line on stage, as he did not originate the style. He said failure to do so could have serious consequences as he is prepared to settle the matter on stage.

"Mi did always think sey Tanto Blacks was a good yute, mi never know sey a suh him did wicked. Look how him did a bawl sey Macka Diamond thief him 'cow foot' style and put it inna her song. Now him look pon mi and do di same ting to mi, him need fi stop use mi style, mi a warn him, or else mi an him a go clash pon stage," said Mr Khool.

Mr Khool is currently promoting a brand-new single, Voom Voom, on Insight Record's 'Old Spice' rhythm.

"Mi new tune a go haad a road, it a get a lot of airplay, the people love it. Wi a promote it haad, an wi soon shoot the video," said the artiste.

Tanto Blacks, on the other hand, said he has been using 'Okie Dokie' as a slang way before knowing Mr Khool.

"Him cyah sey 'Okie Dokie' a fi him because a me fuss sey it. If him a sey dat since last year, then a mi him a follow. Mi a sey dat long time, and then mi guh public with it in 2011. A wah happen to Mr Khool? Mr. Khool need fi guh back a school," Tanto Blacks told THE Weekend STAR.

Tanto Blacks recently collaborated with Supa Hype on Chilling. The song was produced by Basic Records.


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