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March 28, 2014
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Ryme Minista fires lyrical shots at Alkaline

( L - R ) Ryme Minista, Alkaline

In recent weeks, Ryme Minista has released two scathing dis tracks, Black Yiy Sprat and Fish Inna Dutty Wata, both said to be aimed at dancehall new sensation Alkaline.

Both songs have hit the streets hard and are extremely popular in Montego Bay where Ryme Minista has a huge fan base.

"Right now, dem song ya hot in di streets, every weh dem play, dem a get crazy forward. Dem a burn up di Internet to. check youtube if yuh think a lie, di hits dem nuh normal," he said.

Ryme Minista said he felt compelled to record the songs in order to show Alkaline that he is going in the wrong direction with his music.

"Mi did haffi do dem song ya fi mek Alkaline know sey him need fi check himself. Him a lead di youths a stray. Him nah listen himself, di things him a sey inna him song dem wrong. Alkaline is supposed to be an intelligent youth, so him should do betta music.

According to Ryme Minista, a lot of people are happy that he did the songs.

"Every weh mi go, youth an youth a sey 'Minista, wi love how yuh straighten out Alkaline'. Some people all tell mi sey dem never realise some a di dutty things dem him a sey inna di song dem until mi counteract him."

Ryme Minista says, "Doing these songs is not about starting a feud with this likkle youth. Mi nuh inna nuh clash wid him, mi nuh fraid a him but mi nah clash him. But mi waah him know sey, if him sing anymore loose song, mi a go correct him. If him nuh like it an waah clash, mi lyrically prepared fi deal with him," he said.

Ryme Minista has been busy performing on a number of events, across the island, including the just-concluded Brit Jam party series.

"Ova di last couple weeks, a crazy show mi do all over di place. Alkaline was on a couple a dem too, the vibes good all over, no confrontation."

Ryme Minista is currently promoting the music video for his single, Searching For My Rights on the Good Good Production imprint.

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